Here we are in January, the month of lists, resolutions, goals, hopes, and dreams. As an inveterate wanderer and traveler, I’m often asked, “what’s on your bucket list this year?” Weeellll….. I have no bucket. And….I have no list. When I say that, you cannot imagine the shocked looks I get, and the things that are said. “What? YOU? No list of places to go, experiences to have, things to see? YOU… Read More

After many months of blogging silence, it’s a pleasure to be back, and to welcome a guest blogger! Zach Cunning has spent a lot of time traveling and backpacking in various parts of the world, and has honed lightweight travel down to a science. There are always new travel gadgets coming out. Something lighter, something faster, and invariably, something more expensive. Some of them are worth the price, but a lot aren’t;… Read More

No, I am not writing about politics. Heaven knows there are plenty of websites, podcasts, and other places you can get your political fix.  Having grown up in the DC environs, I know only too well how tangled those political webs are. This particular entry is about the tangled web of….. traffic. Yes, the mess that is not only the Beltway, but the massive mess that encompasses 12-lanes-across, I-need-two-traffic-apps-on-my–phone Washington Metro area… Read More

Tomorrow, I take off on yet another solo trip; this time, to Washington, DC.  Not for business, not to rant and rave at politicians, but to return to the place of my birth.  I was actually born within the confines of the District of Columbia (how many people can actually say that?), although raised in nearby Arlington, Virginia. Nothing lifts my heart, and makes me feel like I have come home, like getting… Read More

“I could NEVER do that!” “Weren’t you scared?” “You brave girl!” “How did you manage with all your luggage?” “You mean your husband LET you go so far away all by yourself???” “Weren’t you lonely?” OK, my friends, time to debunk some myths here. First, traveling alone is not for everyone. I happen to love it, but traveling with someone–or several “someones”–is fine too. It depends on what you want to do,… Read More

Are you back from that amazing summer vacation yet? Yes, I’m talking to *you*.  I see you there on Facebook…the ones posting the photos from Cozumel and Jamaica; North Carolina and Florida; Colorado and the Grand Canyon. Or those who took mini-vacations, just a short distance away from home. And *you* who spent precious time with aunts, uncles, cousins and grandparents…HOORAY! I also took a trip–actually, I took two, and I am… Read More

Long ago and far away, I traveled to England with my mother. Thirty years ago.  With a tour group. It’s not something either of us would normally do, but we were on our way to Egypt, to see the opera “Aida” at the Temple of Luxor.  If you know the opera, you know it takes place in Egypt, so, in a sense, we were seeing it “on site”. We then took a… Read More

Well, I’ve done it. After “radio silence” on my old blog for several years, I’ve taken a complete leap of faith and started a new one. There will be a few stumbles and stutters–as happens with anything new– along with adventures and misadventures (which happen when you come along on anything involving ME!), but be assured, we will have fun! There will be travel, food, and stories. We will sit by fires,… Read More